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In partnership with the Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois American Water, and the Bolingbrook Promenade, the Bolingbrook Arts Council (BAC) is proud to announce the successful completion of the Paint-A-Hydrant Program!


In an effort to boost the presence of public art and enhance the aesthetics of Bolingbrook, the BAC developed a program that gave local artists a sponsorship opportunity to paint a predetermined set of fire hydrants at the Bolingbrook Promenade. After reviewing over 75 submissions the Arts Council selected 9 artists to participate in the program and on October 24th the BAC held the kickoff event. 


The Bolingbrook Arts Council is extremely proud of the artwork produced by each of the 9 talented artists and in the coming days we will highlight the artists and their work. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the artists at the kickoff event and our volunteers who tirelessly ensured our artists were well supplied. Furthermore, we would like to give a special thanks to Mayor Mary Alexander-Basta, now-retired Fire Chief Garza, The Bolingbrook Promenade and Illinois American Water for their efforts in making this project a reality.



"Pawblo the Promenade Dog” by artist Joe Belonio

“Pawblo” is named after Pablo Picasso because of his distinct facial characteristics that made him appear to have an elongated face. Pawblo’s bright orange color and smile were designed to make him inviting, approachable and fun. 


“I’m an elementary school art teacher, I knew I wanted to do something family friendly, fun, and approachable - so I saw the silhouette of the fire hydrant and I immediately thought of a dog.” - Joe Belonio 


You can find the “Pawblo” hydrant near the center of the promenade at the Southwest corner of the turnabout.


"Rapunzel’s Tower” by artist Ananya Singh

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Fairy tales are filled with adventure, drama, heroes, villains, life lessons and fun! Inspired by the movie Tangled, “Rapunzel’s Tower” now stands a mighty 2ft tall across the street of the DSW Shoes at The Promenade.


Look closely and you might be able to find both Rapunzel and her prince. Painted by Bolingbrook artist Ananya Singh the “Rapunzel's Tower” hydrant was designed to bring the whimsical spirit of fairytales to Bolingbrook. If you happen to come across “Rapunzel’s Tower” take a picture and share it with us! 


"Ladybugs & Daisies” by artist Jennifer Alvarez

We haven’t even crossed into Winter and already the “Ladybugs & Daisies” hydrant has us longing for the gentle warmth of the Spring! Designed by Bolingbrook artist Jennifer Alvarez “Ladybugs & Daisies” utilizes the shape of the hydrant to complement the natural curves of the ladybug.  


“My ultimate goal was to create a piece that would make people smile.” - Jennifer Alvarez. 


Mission accomplished Jennifer! The warm feelings we get from the gentle nature of your artwork makes us smile every time. You can catch this bug for yourself near the southern crosswalk of Sandburg Way, in front of Fun Flatables


"Mosaic of Humanity” by artist Nafisa Husain

“Though we are all different, we belong together in the ‘Mosaic of Humanity’.” - Nafisa Husain. Inspired by Bolingbrook's cultural diversity,


Nafisa's hydrant “Mosaic of Humanity’ brings simple shapes and attractive colors to represent our humanity and the brilliance of diversity. Get lost in the hydrant’s mosaic located across the street from Rock Bottom Brewery.


"Flames of Colour” by artist Rashmi Ranganath

Have you ever been to Australia? If you have, then our next hydrant may look familiar. The “Flames of Colour” by artist Rashmi Ranganath is inspired by Australian aboriginal dot paintings and represents joy and zeal. The bright colors and patterns bring a unique presence to The Promenade that you would otherwise be unlikely to see.


"Choose Hope” by artist Michelle Pieroni

The “Choose Hope” hydrant by Bolingbrook artist Michelle Pieroni is covered with butterflies rising over a horizon of teal and purple swirls. The serene nature of Michelle's artwork has two goals. First, to remind everyone experiencing hardships that “if we choose hope, anything is possible.” Secondly, to honor the life of her niece, Samantha, who tragically lost her life to suicide. 


“Choose Hope” is a deeply personal art piece to Michelle and is inspired by the National Suicide Awareness colors and an artpiece by Samantha, entitled “Spirit Animal”,which depicted a swarm of flying butterflies. 


Since the loss of her niece Michelle committed her life to remember, raise awareness, support and give hope to the victims of suicide and the loved ones left behind. Michelle is the founder of the For Samantha Foundation that today awards scholarships to high school seniors in memory of Samantha.


Click Here to learn More About the Foundation


"Dining out in The Brook” by artist Christopher Sandoval

For all the #foodies in Bolingbrook,  Bolingbrook artist Christopher Sandoval has got you covered. Titled “Dining out in The Brook” Sandoval’s hydrant is inspired by his love of food and the wide variety of restaurants in Bolingbrook.


Covered In bright colors, pizza, french fries and hot dogs, the “Dining out in the Brook” hydrant already has us thinking about lunch.


"Environmental Octopus” by artist Julie Yekel

Artist Julie Yekel is the 9th and final artist selected to participate in the Bolingbrook Arts Council Paint-A-Hydrant Program. Julie is the only artist who painted two hydrants, one entitled “Octopus” and the other “Alien Joyride”. Julie wanted to bring fun and environmental awareness to her project with the Octopus hydrant. She wanted to transform the utilitarian hydrant, composed of angled nuts and bolts, into something completely organic and fluid. Look closely and you will see that the octopus cannot swim freely since it is caught in plastic waste! The message here is clear “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.


"Alien Cow Tippers” by artist Julie Yekel

The Aliens, on the other hand, are frivolously joyriding around our planet, with no concerns whatsoever, and are even abducting animals from our pastures. See the abduction for yourself the next time you visit the Promenade. 


"Flow” by artist Abigail Smith

Titled “Flow” the hydrant painted by artist Abigail Smith is surrounded by soothing shades of blue, aqua, and green. The hydrant acts as almost a window to the flowing water that lies within. 


Abigail said“I am often thinking about the relationship of our internal, personal, world and the external one we share. I thought it would be interesting to bring what is inside out.” We love art that allows us to walk away with a unique perspective.

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